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Training Services – Centre for Management Development (CMD)

Training Services

Employees constantly need to reinvent and acquire new skills to keep pace with changing business needs and market trends. Learning and Development activities empower employees' growth and assist in developing their knowledge, skills, and capabilities to drive better business performance.

Consequently, the learning and Development Department (LDD) offers a wide range of industry-relevant short and long-term learning and development programmes for personal and professional development, designed to prepare individuals for future opportunities and enhance long-term employability.

The Centre, through the LDD, currently collaborates with the University of Ibadan to run executive MBA and PGD programmes and runs over sixty scheduled training annually in various aspects of management, including general management, strategic management, human resources management, and leadership development programmes.

The relevant divisions in the departments organize various training each year, which are listed in the annual brochure of the Management Training and Development Programmes. These trainings are in two forms. Scheduled/ Regular Training and Customized and Project-Related Training.

Scheduled/ Regular Training- This form of training is supply-driven. The training is based on client organisations' identified needs in our target market. Participants here are drawn from different organisations who enroll in courses that they find beneficial to them and their organisations.

Customized and Project-Related Training- This form of training is demand-driven.  The training is developed and designed with a lot of client input. The clients identify the training needs of their staff (and most of the time with our professional staff's assistance) and request specific training to meet those needs.    This type of training is very flexible in that it is organised at the client's convenience – in terms of where, when, and how.

Through this portfolio of management development programmes, CMD has made significant contributions to developing the country's management capacity and more significantly, to the current economic recovery programmes.